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1912 is a significance year of Vacheron Constantin. That year, this Geneva watch manufacturer shows its whimsy by launching the first tonneau-shaped watch to the world, opening up a new field of watch history. The birth of the barrel-shaped watch means that the watch design criteria will transform. At that time, watch area was almost entirely occupied by circular watch, especially the circular pocket watch. The launch of tonneau-shaped watch immediately achieved unprecedented Vacheron Constantin Geneve replica success in the male and female watch market. However, the barrel-shaped watches are still need to experience several years of development to become a classic. To Vacheron Constantin replica Swiss commemorate this revolutionary concept, Vacheron Constantin launched a limited edition of 100 manual winding watches - Malte 100 Anniversary Edition watch.

As we know, extraordinary watch should be in the finest materials, in order to highlight this distinguished character, Vacheron Constantin watch is equipped with a PT950 platinum gold case. Watch case design is chic and the lines on the case are elegant and delicate, the lug has an elegant and exquisite appearance, highlighting the classic charm of the watch. In the middle of the case Vacheron Constantin Mercator replica is an arched dial, it is decorated with distinctive Roman numerals and brand logo. These limited edition watches are individually numbered at the case back, and also matching with deep blue Mississippi River crocodile leather strap and 950 platinum clasps. Besides, it is powered by homemade manual winding movement and guarantees 30 meters water resistant. Duo to the large mainspring barrel, the vibration frequency is 28,800 times per hour and power reserve up to 65 hours. Malte 100 Anniversary Edition watch is in line with the new standard of Geneva Seal.

Vacheron Constantin has more than 250 years' experience of making watches. It is the oldest and longest watch brand. It just produces 20000 pieces of watches each year. Many celebrities are fond of wearing this brand's watches. It stands for men and women's social status or position best Vacheron Constantin replica.

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